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Wisteria's adoption story inspires her approach to her brand’s style of photography—finding the soulful moments of a couple with their guests to always serve as a reminder of who the couple’s core community is. Each wedding captured by Wisteria Jade is a tribute to the longevity, belonging, and identity that she yearned to have.

We serve distinguished, graceful couples, tastefully capturing your most soulful moments, and ensuring your wedding day is iconic.

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Reality isn’t posed, and your photos shouldn’t be either. We use art direction to create flattering imagery while still depicting your best self.

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You already had a full calendar before your engagement. Tell us your vision and preferred communication method and we'll do the heavy lifting to prepare for the big day.

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When you have family members telling you how awesome and engaging of a photographer she was, you know you picked a good one. Not to mention our wedding photos are to die for!

- Hope and Trenton